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Stoneridge and VDO launch tachos compliant with new regs

Ahead of changes to drivers' hour’s regulations, Stoneridge and VDO Tachograph have launched devices to comply with changes to Annex 1B, which come into force in October 2010.

VDO's 1.4 Digital Tachograph has been upgraded to allow for changes to driving minutes that will no longer see driving time recorded against the whole minute if non-driving time is the single longest continuous activity during that minute. Drivers can also get a seven-day printout of speed information and work/rest periods.

Stoneridge's SE5000 Exakt records drivers' minutes in segments and provides readouts of remaining driving times.

Following the launch of these new Tachograph heads the team here at MTH Autosevices ltd have been trying to inform local vehicle operators on the benefit’s of the new Tachograph’s from time saving’ s resulting in a more productive day to the driver having a less stressful day due to completing there daily tasks on time without causing infringements due to driving over legal driving hours.

To the end of October we would like to offer our customers this retrofit upgrade to there existing digital Tachograph vehicle for only £495 plus vat

Be quick offer ends Oct 31st

Testimonial : Gavin Haddow Haulage
Since retrofitting my vehicle with the latest version of digital Tachograph I have noticed a significant difference from the last version I can now get more loads done in the day and still comply with the driver’s hours regulations
I don’t feel as bad now nudging forward in Quarry queues   now I no it’s not counting it all as driving time 

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