Mechanical Truck Lock

The MTH Municipal Truck Lock fits into the parking brake system. When the lock is activated, air is prevented from releasing the spring loaded brakes.  When the parking brake is released and the lock is still activated, air is diverted through an air horn alerting the operator and holding on the spring loaded parking break.  This also doubles as a warning to the driver to disarm the truck lock before proceeding.

Designed for vehicles such as cleansing, skip hire, recovery trucks or any vehicle with PTO where driveres have to leave the cab while engine is running and cab door has to be unlocked.

This is also an excellent Anti-theft device when vehicle is parked up.

  • British manufactured
  • Patent applied for
  • Pick-proof lock - 10 pin high security
  • Master key facility - 1 million key differs
  • Drill resistant key peg
  • Air horn alert
  • Size:- 50mm x 85mm
  • Fitting service available

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